Aztek Customer Testamonial
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Studio P, Inc.
About a year ago, as part of the Palmetto Street Expansion Project, Studio P’s color printing department began a search for a new drum scanner to compliment the upcoming acquisition of the new Lightjet 500XL Chromogenic printer. Using lasers to expose photographic paper at sizes up to 72×120 inches, the Lightjet 500XL represents a pinnacle in the history of Chromogenic chemistry developed photo printing. To make prints of this scale, it was obvious that the highest quality scan would be needed to complete the printing workflow.

After testing numerous scanners and software packages, we quite easily came to the conclusion that the Aztek® Premier™ accompanied with the Digital PhotoLab® software was the way to go. Having the range and control over aperture spot sizes independently from the resolution allows us to match the spot size to the grain of the film, which is critical for making the photo enlargements necessary for our printer. Another deciding factor in our decision was the ability stream line the scanning of negatives using the Custom CMS feature in the Digital PhotoLab Software. Many of our large-format photography clients shoot primarily with color negative film, which can be very challenging to scan. Digital PhotoLab is one of the few software bundles available that really takes this need into consideration and offers the controls and presets needed to make the fine adjustments for our work.

A year later, we are very happy with both of our new pieces of equipment and it’s pretty hard to imagine having one without the other. We’ve really had the chance to put the Aztek Premier through internal testing both against our previous scanner and up against some of the most fastidious art photographers in the world. We would absolutely make
the same choice again if given the opportunity.

I’d like to thank Haddon and the entire Aztek team for the continued and support and service they have provided.

Kevin Pontuti, President
Studio P, Inc.
1248 Palmetto Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013, USA