Why buy KAMI Supplies?

AZTEK has been in the professional scanner solutions business for over 26 years. AZTEK and our customers have selected KAMI scanner solutions as the most effective products for cleaning and mounting films on scanners. Easy application, non-toxic, environmentally safe, competitively priced, easy cleanup are just a few of the good reasons to make KAMI a regular part of your scanning jobs.

KAMI scanner supplies make your work easier, saves money and increases productivity. KAMI is provided with every new and refurbished flatbed and drum scanner from AZTEK. It is recommended by many OEM scanner manufactures to enhance imaging capture.

Trust Aztek Imaging for all your Scanning supply needs!

KAMI Supplies Family

SMF 2001
Scanner Mounting Fluid with anti-static properties.
NEVER USE OIL AGAIN!! Scanner Mounting Fluid often will clean the film, fill the film grain and provide anti-newton benefits all at once.  After being mounted on the scanner with SMF, when the film is removed from the scanner the SMF quickly dries clean.  When removed from the scanner the film immediately gets a quick wipe with a lint free wipe the film will be perfectly clean and ready to go right back into it's protective sleeve.  SMF is extremely important for archival quality scanning and negative films.  Many AZTEK customers exclusively use KAMI  SMF for all of their film scanning.  AZTEK mounting stations, scanner drums and flatbeds are all designed to be used with KAMI SMF.

DC 2001
Scanner Drum Cleaner with anti-static properties. Kami Drum Cleaner is a 100% alcohol-free substance, formulated exclusively for the purpose of cleaning acrylic scanner drums. Drum Cleaner cleans the drum immediately from all residues, e.g. oil, mounting tape residue and dirt. Kami Drum Cleaner is also used at AZTEK in the depot repair department for heavy duty cleaning of scanners and parts.
SX 2001
Scannex Anti-Newton-Spray.
Graphic Arts Scanner Mounting Spray for transparencies and reflective artwork, c-prints. Applicable for enlargements of up to 400 %. Immediately eliminates any newton ring effects.
SMT 2001
Scan-Mounting Tape.
A Graphic Arts Scanner Mounting Tape, especially formulated for wet-mounting with KAMI SMF to drum and flatbed scanners using petroleum based liquids. The adhesive of this tape will not dissolve when in contact with KAMI SMF Scanner Mounting Fluid or KAMI Drum Cleaner.
RC 2001
Film Cleaner with anti-static properties.
RC Film Cleaner can be used for any type of graphic arts film, screen, transparency or c-print cleaning. For application of Diazo Film we recommend our RC Film Cleaner, which removes adhesive tape, dirt, grease, fingerprints, etc. from film.

Scanning / Wipers
These are lint-free, scratch-free wipers made from pure cellulose fibers. Manufactured without the use of water, they offer outstanding absorption capacity and speed.
Scan-Pack / Professional Starter Set
This starter pack will make it easy to begin using Kami Products.

Your one stop shop for all of your Scanning needs!

More Supplies
AZ-42 Mylar
Optically Clear Scanner Mounting Mylar.
Aztek has done much testing and research to develop a Mylar that is truly optically clear. Combined with our Kami mounting fluid products the AZ-42 mylar will achieve the highest quality scan possible. If your tired of dealing with countless hours of touch up, and getting the highest quality scan is your objective, AZ-42 is the product for you. 
Drum Scanner Polish
Acrylic Drum Polish
This drum polish kit includes two bottles of polish compound that can safely remove those fine scratches to give your drum a new clean shine
Scanning / Wipes
This disposable non-woven wipe is formulated for use on color scanners and display screens. Photex Scanner and Screen Wipes are designed to encapsulate dust without leaving a residue.

Tesa Scanning Tape
Scan-Mounting Tape.
A Graphic Arts Scanner Mounting Tape, especially formulated for oil and dry mounting with drum and flatbed scanners. Not for use with Kami mounting fluid as the adhesive of this tape will dissolve when it comes in contact with KAMI SMF Scanner Mounting Fluid.
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